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From speaking to marketing, storytelling is one of the best ways to connect with an audience. Join a community of storytellers where you can grow and learn together. 

What is Life Out Loud?

Life Out Loud is all about the art of storytelling.

We provide the opportunity for real life stories to be found, crafted and told to live audiences which allows for entertaining, authentic and thoughtful experiences to be shared between people.

Life Out Loud brings storytellers from all backgrounds and levels of experience to the stage to share true stories from their lives.

Our events feature storytellers who tell personal, true stories based around a theme. All of them show courage, and we show all of them kindness.

Real people, real stories

Come along and listen to real people telling real stories. From first timers to seasoned speaking professionals, there are people from all walks of life telling their stories. 

Our storytellers will share a true story from an interesting moment in their lives around the theme. On stage just a storyteller and a microphone, while the audience is encouraged to listen, laugh and cry along with the experiences shared.

Our next Brisbane Show

A Friday evening in February 2024 TBA
Doors at 6:15pm
Show at 7:00pm


The Ship Inn, Southbank


WILD: Stories of the untamed and unpredictable  


On sale soon
Finger food included.

Our Values

Support others whenever they need it

Never be afraid to be authentic

Ready to tell a story?

Make  a Pitch

Anybody can be a storyteller! Everybody should be a storyteller! We are always looking for fresh faces to tell their first story on stage. In fact, it is our goal to empower new storytellers to take the stage in every show.

The team has extensive experience training speakers of all levels - from people struggling to stand up in front of a group, to professional presenters in industry. So if you are motivated to give it a go, we can help you tell a great story.

If you'd like to tell a story, start thinking about some ideas that might work, then pitch us your story to the right.

Remember, storytelling involves your voice, a microphone and a journey shared with the audience. It must be your own story, and please, no cliffhangers or offensive material (read the full set of guidelines here).

Every storyteller has the opportunity to be recorded on film and audio.

Our Team

In 2018, three storytelling enthusiasts were hunting for a live storytelling show to attend. But Brisbane had nothing. Nothing! 

So, they decided to change that. Meet the team of three behind Life Out Loud Storytelling:

Joshua Morotti

Electrical Engineer by day, budding entrepreneur by night; storyteller always. Joshua has finally found purpose for all of those hours learning sound and lighting in high school.

Kate Norris

Parent, business-owner, skincare-enthusiast, storyteller. Kate believes that no human experience is unique; we're never alone in our feelings, insecurities or desires.

Thomas Krafft

A business owner, a corporate trainer, and can only snap the fingers of his left hand. Thomas tells stories that make people laugh at the 'learning opportunities' from his life.

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